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The complete line of x0xi0 products consists of both finished instruments and DIY kits. The original x0xi0 product, the x0xi0 Standard Kit, is a diy modification kit for the Adafruit x0xb0x, a clone of the popular Roland TB-303 Bassline synthesizer. This modification, formerly known as the x0xi0 Full Kit, adds numerous features to the stock synthesizer. Following the release of the Standard Kit and the I/O Kit, additional variations of x0xi0 products have become available. Most recently, the ready made x0xi0 Synthesizer has been completed and is also available.

x0xi0 Synthesizer

x0xi0 Synthesizer The x0xi0 Synthesizer is a full-featured instrument based on the core of the Roland TB-303. Although a clone of the TB-303 architecture at its core, the x0xi0 synth goes far beyond the feature set of the original Bassline while maintaining the exact sound qualities. The development of the complete synthesizer was a natural progression from the x0xi0 diy kits that were developed for the x0xb0x. The current x0xi0 Synthesizer RevB is a new design, more typical of assembly methods and reliability of retail product. It retains all of the features from the original x0xi0 kits while integrating the power supply design of the TB-303. To achieve this we designed and re-manufactured the original components of the TB-303 power supply.

x0xi0 Standard Kits

x0xi0 Synthesizer The x0xi0 standard kit adds features to both the top control surface and the rear panel of the x0xb0x. This kit is for those that already have a x0xb0x and want to add-on the x0xi0 mods. The main parts of the kit are two additional pcb assemblies, one that goes above the x0xb0x mainboard, and one that goes above the x0xb0x I/O board. In addition to the parts and pcb's the kit includes a 3-color aluminum top panel, rear panel with overlay, and new control knobs. In addition to the standard x0xi0 full kit there is also the x0xi0 standard kit w/custom x0xb0x pcb's. This kit includes a set of custom x0xb0x pcb's which simplifies assembly by greatly reducing the number of flying wire connections. This kit is for those that have an unassembled x0xb0x or those that already have x0xb0x parts on hand.

x0xi0 Complete Kits

x0xi0 Synthesizer The x0xi0 complete kits are for those that don't have a standard x0xb0x kit or x0xb0x parts and want to build a x0xi0 synthesizer from the ground up. These kits include all the parts from the x0xi0 full kit, the custom x0xb0x pcb's, and all the remaining parts that are required for. No additional parts are necessary. The x0xi0 complete kit w/ standard enclosure kit includes the standard plastic enclosure. The x0xi0 complete w/ custom enclosure kit includes the custom aluminum enclosure.

x0xi0 I/O Kit

x0xi0 I/O Kit The x0xi0 I/O kit adds audio and control voltage inputs & outputs to the rear panel. It also includes an overdrive & distortion circuit. The main part of the I/O kit is a pcb assembly that mounts above the x0xb0x I/O board using a new rear panel with overlay.

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