x0xi0 Standard Kit
The standard kit adds features to both the top control surface and the rear panel of the x0xb0x. This kit is for those that already have a x0xb0x and want to add on the x0xi0 mods. The main parts of the kit are two additional PCB assemblies, one that goes above the x0xb0x mainboard, and one that goes above the x0xb0x I/O board. Once the PCB's are stuffed they are mounted using the included hardware and connected to the x0xb0x with wires as described in the build manual. The kit includes new 3-color aluminum top panel, a new rear panel with overlay, and new knobs for the exiting controls.

x0xi0 Synthesizer

x0xi0 Standard Kit w/Custom x0xb0x PCB's
This kit contains the basic Full kit as described above, but also includes a set of custom x0xb0x PCB's that have been designed specifically for building a x0xi0. The use of these PCB's simplifies assembly by greatly reducing the number of flying wire connections.

x0xi0 Synthesizer


New Controls
VCO1 Level Control
VCO2 Level Control
VCO2 Course Tune Control
VCO2 Fine Tune Control
VCO2 Waveform Switch
VCO Sync Switch
VCO Xmod Depth Control
VCA Xmod Mode Switch
Noise Source Level Control
Filter Overdrive Switch
ENV2 Attack Control
ENV2 Decay/Release Control
ENV2 Decay/Release select Switch
ENV2 to VCF Depth Control
ENV2 to VCO/VCA select Switch
ENV2 to VCO/VCA Depth Control
ENV2 Shape Switch (normal/inverted)
ENV2 Trigger Source Switch (Gate, Accent)
ENV2 Alternate Trigger Source Switch (non-Accent, Slide)
ENV2 to VCO2 On/Off Switch (on rear panel)
VCO2 to Filter Mod Depth Control
VCA Attack Control
VCA Decay Control
VCA Sustain Control
VCA Release Control
Accent Decay Control
Filter Tracking Control
Slide Time Control
Hi Resonance Switch
VCF Overdrive Switch
Gate On Switch

Envelope Trigger Button
Cutoff High Range Switch
Overdrive On/Off Switch
Overdrive Amount Switch
Overdrive Tone
Overdrive Low Freq Switch
Overdrive Type Switch
Power Switch

New Inputs/Outputs
Gate In
VCO2 CV In (optional)
Accent In
Slide In
Accent Out
Filter Mod CV In
Accent Sweep CV Out
VCO Freq Mod In

New Indicators:
Gate On LED
Accent Decay LED
Env Decay LED
Hi Resonance LED
Cutoff Hi Range LED

Other Features
Extended Bass response
Extended VCF Range
Extended Env Mod Range

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