x0xi0 Synthesizer Rev B
The x0xi0 Synthesizer is a full-featured instrument based on the core of the Roland TB-303. The development of the complete synthesizer was a natural progression from the x0xi0 DIY kits for x0xb0x. The current x0xi0 Synthesizer RevB is a new design, more typical of assembly methods and reliability of a retail product. The x0xi0 synthesizer retains all of the features from the x0xi0 Kit's as well as a new power supply design. The power supply design integrates new re-designed parts that we had manufactured to allow us to duplicate the original TB-303 power supply design.

x0xi0 Synthesizer x0xi0 Synthesizer


Synth Section

Oscillator 1
Waveform: Saw & Square (TB-303)
Range: 5 Octaves

Oscillator 2
Waveform: Saw & Square (TB-303)
Range: 6 Octaves, Tuneable -1/+5 Octaves relative to VCO 1

VCO Control
Master Tune: +/-700 Cents
Slide Time
VCO Cross Modulation (Xmod)
Envelope 2 to VCO FM
VCO2 Hard Sync

Noise Source
Pseudo Pink Noise

Source Mixer
VCO 1 Level
VCO 2 Level
Noise Level

Voltage Controlled Filter
Cutoff Frequency
Filter Range Switch
Envelope Modulation
Envelope 2 Modulation
VCO2-to-Filter Modulation
Filter Tracking
VCF Overdrive

Filter Envelope

Envelope 2
Trigger Source: Gate, Accent, Slide, Non-Accent
Type: AD or AR
Shape: Normal & Inverted
ENV2 to VCF Modulation Depth
ONV2 to VCA Modulation Depth
ENV2 to VCO1(2) Modulation Depth
ENV2 Trigger Button

ENV2 to VCO2 Switch

VCA Envelope
Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
VCA Gate On Switch

Frequency Response

Sequencer Section

One Octave C-to-C w/Transpose

Rest, Accent, Slide, Transpose per step
Pattern Mode, up to 16 steps
Track Mode
Keyboard Mode
MIDI Play Mode
Pattern Rotate
Step Nudge
Tap Tempo
Loop Mode
Random Mode
Dinsync In/Out Modes
MIDI In, Out, Thru

128 Patterns
64 Tracks

Inputs & Outputs

Audio Inputs & Output
Main output
Headphone output
VCF Output
Mix Input
VCF Input
VCA Input

Control Inputs & Outputs
Gate/CV In
Gate/CV out
Accent In
Accent Out
Slide In
Filter CV In
Accent Sweep Out
MIDI In/Out/Thru
Dinsync In/Out

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